Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Master bedroom decore

 Thinking about giving your master bedroom a whole new look . Here are a few tips that can help you with your master bedroom design .

   The bedroom is one place where you can be yourself and spend most private moments for its your space and your space alone . Needless to say it is the space most of us tend to be partial to .you could give it any look you desire it to be .here are a few suggestions for your bedroom .

                                Check list
■  Decide what type of decore style you  want for your master bedroom .
■ plan the master bedroom carefully. Make sure the layout is practical and that you have made the most of the available space.
■ plan seating arrangements according to your need .
■ Give proper attention to  storage .
■ Decide what sort of flooring you want for your bedroom. There are lots of options available in the market like stone , carpet , wooden flooring ,etc.
■  Decide what sort of wall decoration  you want . Their is a simple wall paint and other options like designer paint ,wallpaper, panelling etc are available .But make sure it looks good with the room decore .
■ drapery and upholstery should be given thorough attention .There is a huge variety available in market .
■ Decide whethere you want a false  ceiling or not . If you want  one there are few options available.
 A Bed is something you will keep for years , so choose your very carefully , make sure its comfortable and if possible have good storage capacity . 

  Your bed should also be according to the decore style of the master-bedroom. 

Bed side tables are balancing features of the bed and they make your bedroom a complete concept .whether you choose to use yours for function or for decore . Don't neglect your side table they are hidden gem in the bedroom that can make it shine.

    A wooden wall headboards can be of great aesthetic effect to a room , creating an atmosphere that 

A great head board can completely transform the look of the master-bedroom and feel of the your bed room . 

   Seating in bedroom should be considered carefully ,or the bed becomes the place for seating , which is in't always relaxing . Create a cosy reading area , by placing a sofa with foot rest and  place a floor lamp for light in evenings along side the window . 

   Give proper attention to the storage during the planning process . Like what sort and where would you like to have your wardrobe.

Soft lighting sets the mood and add mood to the room .pendent lights are enticing with their form . They add flare with illuminating effect , but with a bling. 

 Table lamps will enhance the overall beauty of the room , where you place it . 

wallpaper gel with all kind of decore , be it ultra-modern or one with contemporary furnishings . Just pick out the type and pattern that best work with the bedroom decore.

The architectural detailing of a window seat can add character and charm to the bedroom . They can be  great little retreat . All you need is some comfortable seat cushions with an attractive view.
Decorate your ceiling to add beauty to the room .There are many options available in the market . Choose the one that goes with your room  decore .
   Tray ceilings have become more popular these days , install wooden planks to the  tray ceiling . For a rich and traditional feel , use stained wood . And for the lighter look paint these plank in white or off-white.
 The bedroom is always decorated with mini mum amount of furniture , rug play a main role in providing the room with a specific style of  decore . Bedroom rug is at the same time the focal point of the room .


    A rug strategically placed in the centre of the room or under the table adds a splash to the decore.

    Generally , attractive and comfortable flooring patterns are opted for the ultimate appeal and cosy impression of bedroom .

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