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                             Knobby Issues                                
            Imagine what would happen every time you had to pull open a door or a cabinet that did not have a knob ? And while you may never have to face that problem , you may be looking askance at your cabinet knobs and wondering how they could be jived up.
   But before you trot off  on "buying binge" , make sure that you know the essential difference between a knob and a pull .A knob as the name suggests , is generally a round shaped ball while a pull is one which you can grab by your fingers and tug .while most hardware falls into these two categories,designs for knobs and pulls become different with their area of use . For instance , knobs for your clothes cabinets will be and should be different from the ones on your kitchen drawers .
Today even knobs have trends when it comes to home fashion . with the white birch look in furniture , vertically curved steel pulls look quite nice . in fact , the darker the colour of the wood ,the shinier the shade of steel that one should look at . you can even opt for those in heavy silver plating ornate designs or go for the ones in ceramic .

Besides those in steel , knobs and pulls in animal shapes and odd geometrical shapes are doing the rounds .
however for those looking for knobs to match their stained glass panels,there are options to chose from in both glass and plastic .in fact ,one can even match these with the colour in their house . even bronze knobs go well with stained glass.

The unusual steel door knobs by loss-Angeles , based furniture designer and hardware artist martin pierce are like jewellery for your home .the new morphic luxury organic hardware series well dress up even the most ordinary room , adding some oomph to your kitchen , bathroom , bedroom and living room .
These knobs features a modern brushed stainless steel finish and a free form web motif  inspired by nature .
ceramic door knobs comes in various shapes , sizes and forms . And also based on difference finishes too. the most frequent coating are ordinary metal, antique metal , petrol rubbed tan etc. they can complement your desire for almost any door as a no of the colours in addition to the styles these come in .

Vintage porcelain  flower door knob are very attractive ,elegant and more affordable than brass and crystal .Its extremely important that the knobs you are bidding on are not chipped . Be sure to ask because this is very common with ceramic knobs .

 Brass door knob sets are extremely durable and resistant to showing wear and tear . Brass is also available in a variety of finish including polished brass  , satin nickel , polished crome , oil rubbed bronze .it is easy to coordinate your new hardware with the existing hardware .
Hand-crafted solid cabinet knobs in the shape of a fleur de lis and is finished in antique brass . These are solid and give years of good looking artisans charm to any  home .
Custom hardware, design and produce hand crafted luxury doorknob in bronze and brass which compliments any custom door or ornate designer wardrobe , including cabinets ,drawers and other  fine wooden furniture .

Glass knobs are a great choice because they add a lot of extra detail to the door.
Emtek glass door knobs are hand grounded and polished with the same method used to polish gem stones these crystal doorknobs are silver mirrored on the back side creating a highly reflective interior.

Robinson Antique hardware deals in vintage door knobs. they have a variety  of doorknobs that ave been a part of different historical period.these antique sets are fully functional and available in brass,porcelain,ceylon pattern sets etc. 
These antique knob sets can add an amazing focus and beauty to any door and make it regal and majestic .
Door knobs come in a variety of materials and designs as door knobs sets age they can become dented or scratched so replacing them with high quality sets is important.

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