Wednesday, 18 September 2013


                        Rustic rules                           
You can bring in some rustic charm with objects of decor .

                                                                  The surest way to bring a warm inviting look to your living room ,is to go rustic .you could have the  theme running through out the whole room or use certain facets , to highlight the earthy element .
 Wall texture is one such element that can enhance the earthy look of the living  room .

                     A brick  or stone wall adds a rustic touch very effectively . Stay with this finish just with one wall or if doing the whole room  , coordinate all the other furnishings to blend accordingly .

The furniture should be comfortable and in warm shades like orange and yellow . these look perfect rustic decore .

Rugs and durries are essential element to soften the rough look of the room.

The use of wooden beams add an architectural beauty to the rugged look of the room .
Terracotta and yellow are hues to consider for rustic impact .once you have used the finish of your choice , build the decore around it . 

Wooden furniture ,especially pine, cedar and walnut is ideal for the rustic theme . dressers and corner display units build on the rustic theme enhance the rough look of the room. 

Display your collection of plates . blue pottery is both earthy and attractive  an comes in avast range of designs .

Planters and urns set of the greenery in the room and a collection of  pots and jars can be build into an interesting  configuration . 

terracotta murals are simple but effective way to dress your walls .set off the earthy notes with cushions with myriad hues .
Lamps add warm glow to the living room . for more colourful effect , opt for the fabric hanging lights . or simply throw a scarf over an ordinary shade to bath the room in soft light .

A fireplace would fit right into the scheme of things . you don't have to go for the real thing , a faux  one will do . and top the mantel with photographs  and flowers too . 
Wicker and cane can make for good rustic settings especially when combined with checks and stripes. 
A rocking chair is another piece of furniture  which enhances the homely look  of  the room .
A slate or stone floor is ideal for rugged look . you could also use wooden flooring to maintain the  earthy look  .
To make things easier you could go in for floor seating and large cushions .

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