Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Designing Dreamland

From frilly furishings to dolls and comic book heroes for youngsters , children's room can be used to explore all kinds of design .

                      Theme tapping
Theme based childrens room are quite popular . The theme could be something thtat your child relates to .
■ Browse throgh your childs favourite books , magazine and comics strips for some great concepts . You can also draw ideas from your child's hobbies and interests .
■ Select colours , fabrics and prints that compliments the selected theme .
■ Display your child's artwork , craft ,collections , school project and other memorable iteams .
■ Opt for accessories , treatments and hardware such as door knobs , hooks and other components to complement the theme .

cuddly teddy bears , dolls , toys , robots and board games , these are just some of the things synonymous with kids room .

While designing your kids room keep in mind that the child will grow, provide flexible solutions. The scale of room ,its design components and accessories should be proportionate to the childs height .

Create a bright , well ventilated enviornment for the child . Make  sure the room gets a lot of natural light and breeze . thechildschoiceis crutial .

Do not go overbord by decorating the entire room with the theme . Instead choose a focal point in the room.

 Small prints , pastel shades and neutral colours can be used in a kids room .

If a room is shared by  two siblings , use neutral shades .

                        Playing it safe
Children are extremely energetic and prone to accidents . There's no way to stop them ! Here are some tips to avoid that .
■ Make sure all electrical fixtures are insulated . Conceal electrical cords and fixtures in the walls , so that the child does not trip .
■ Use non -skid surfaces to prevent accidents .
■ Make sure the furniture does not have sharp edges .
■ Use surfaces that can be easily cleaned . Avoid fabrics which gather dust , since dust particles csn cause allergic reactions . Ensure that there are no loose edges or dangling threads from any fabric surface , which could cause the child to trip and fall .

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