Saturday, 12 October 2013


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The dining room , without doubt , is the heart of your home . 

Create a statement , allow your room to be the back drop for a gorgeous chandelier .

Forgo the traditional matching dining room chairs and opt for a bench on one side of the table . It's a great way to make your room statement and much cozier for entertainment . 

Transform  your dining room ceiling into work of  paint or textured art ,its masterful way to bring attention all the way to the top .

The dining space mixed with wall to wall shelving books is both a library and a dining room .

Stimulate your vision by installing two pendant lights over your dining table .go a step further and place coordinating but not matching host and hostess chair if possible .

Stack all your favourite wines right up the wall of your dining room instead of using paint or a wallcoverig . They make for a definate star attention .

Place an oversize free standing or wallmounted mirror on the focal wall of your dining room for maximum effect .this is especially great for a small dinig room . 

The bright yet soothing green on the walls is a beautiful choice . Its almost neutral , but interesting enough not to be boring . This colour goes with anything and everything  while giving your space a punch .
Here is a great use of colour that is bold without being over the top .

Here is another bold contrasting pallete , with different colours . But it works here because the bright heus appear in small amount . White and neutral wood tones wash over the rest of the space .

Here is another idea for dining room . The cutout seating niche looks very cozy and inviting , perfect for dinner parties .

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