Tuesday, 7 January 2014

madhubani Painting

This form of painting belongs to bihar . In earlier times these paintings were drawn on the mud walls of the houses . 

But now , the painters make use of paper , canvas and clothes . such kinds of paintings have symbolic touch to them as the syngs painted in this art have meanig behind .

Some of the symbols used are moon ,ring of lotus turtles and lots  more . They are hand painted by village women with the colours extractedfrom locally grown plants .

Themes of maithili painting revolve around Hindu Dieties like Krishna , Rama , Lakshmi ,Shiva, Durga and Saraswati . 

The natural themes that are used include the Sun ,the Moon and the religious plants like Tulsi .

The Ardhnareshwar mahubani painting by  one of the India's well known madhubani artist Vidhushini .

The Tree of Life madhubani painting  in tatoo style by Jishi Devi .

In this Bird painting from Aporv , the artist has tried to depict the uniformity of life with just black colour ,the true artistic nature and fine artistary is reflected in this beautiful madhubani painting .

Thte Madhubani Owl  painting by smt.Bauavdevi , an acclaimed traditional painter .

This particular painting by  Rina Devi depicts 'peacocks' . The artist has made two peacocks with one head creating a singular object of attention on the canvas which is more cotemporary . But the use of virant colours and filled in spaces in geometric pattern around the Peacock motif are all in keeping with the traditions of Mithilai painting .

The Madhubani Bridal painting ,which has a great ascetic appeal by smt.Bauavdevi .

The bright Madhubani painting , with an earthen feel . This is a combiation of elegance of typical Madhubani fishes with a bold intricate backgroud . A definate attention catcher .

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