Monday, 23 December 2013

clear cut

Sleek transparent , translucent , and opaque pieces of furniture in Acrylic , Glass and Plastic .

Cobra umbrella stand by Eliovigna , it's beautifuly molded in theshape of snake . This stunning piece is made of curved glass and a metal sheet is used for base .

Chic acrylic tables with curvy lines , infuse mod and retro into something bold .

Remix chaise lounge by an Australian designer Brodie ,it's a low chaise lounge with organic shape carved from a mixture of reclaimed sourced material  .

Bell table by  Sebastian Herkner ,the designer used  lightweight , fragile material of glass as base for a metal top that seems to float above it . Hand-blown in the traditional manner using a wooden mould , the trnasparent tinted glass base asserts a sculptural presence in space , constrasting intrigity with the solid brass frame on top while also forming with it a harmonous unit recalling the elegant curving silhoutte of bell .

Pierce side table , a master illusion ,this side table features an extra thick acrylic top with concave details .

Dandi chair by IsaacMont√® . This piece of furniture is formed in such a way  that light accentuates the curves . It's been  made in one piece of plexi  that has been folded by heat . The design is just great with beautiful aesthetics and combination of modern and vintage which is innovative .

Glass coffee table by Piero Lissoni , a very sophsiticated and innovatoive technical process has been used in the manufacture  of this table . The top is laminated glass , is characterised by stripes of different colours and widths ,whose mix generates a kalaidescopical effect .

A  stunning piece of furniture that can be used as stool , side-table , table base . Made of acrylic glass and wood . The wood is flushed onn the edge to add beauty . It's like nature frozen in time .

RD4 chair by Richard G , is made from  100% wasted plastic ,which yeilds a very comfortable seat in supper cool form .

Macramini table by Lucidi pevere, it's made from hand-interwoven spun glass base and thick glass top .
A circle leg table by Jump Design . The complexity of circle leg is surprising  given its seemingly straight forward design .
Perillo is a modern lounge chair designed by Martin Ballendat from Swizz furniture maker Zuco . The saet , back , armrest and base marge together seamlessly to create  a single  designer object made from one cast .

Shazam table by JohnHoushmand  , is a piece of art initself . Micro slab of black walnur is arranged around the glass table  to give it an elegant look.

Acrylic table by Emmanuella Moureaux , is made from a variety of acrylic materials . The design has a touch of European and Japanese inspiration .

This crystal armchair , made of plastic . Two plastic sheets are molded to obtain the shape of crystal .

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