Thursday, 20 February 2014


Black and white is a bold combination that has been constantly finding its way again and again in interior trends . The sublimity about this junction liesin balancing beautifuly with any style and very versatile .

Black serves as an anchor , heightening any decorating composition and white reflects a great amount of light driving black to stand out even more . This colour marriage is powerful and lately it has been epitome of fancy pattern galore .

An elegant blend , that grants black and white  the chance to play with different graphics ,forms texture  Infusing the light side with the dark truly brings the best of both worlds into your home.

To keep a room feeling big and bright ,allow light to bounce around the walls by choosing a stark white paint and introduce black accents via furniture and accessories .

To add a little more punch , try adding wall panels in black , or brown-black materials , a wall mounted entertainment unit is a great option as it will also blend a dark flat screen tv in with design .



  1. This is very gorgeous house.So in a world it is well decorated and well furnished room.

    1. Thanks for liking the post .I love these rooms too ,when i was thinking about doing a post on colour palette i was , a little worried becose black and white is such a sobber palette . But when i came accross these rooms i was sure that these can help a lot of people , who love black and white colour palette .

  2. These are the perfect combination of classic black and white. Thanks for sharing this with us.