Tuesday, 7 January 2014


If you want to add something interesting  to  your bathroom , you can start wth these stunning  Stone Pedestal sinks .
These pedestal sinks lends a modern elegance and creates a brilliant centre piece of any Bathroom .
Vento pedestal from Forest Stone is sculptured from natural stone material ,ONYX . It's a very contemporary design which excludes supreme elegance . For a really show-stopping effect , this pedestal sink can be equipped with a light source via an opening at the back .It's perfect for those looking to make a unique luxurious statement .

The technical grace of Elicia pedestal sink from  D'vonyz is unsurpassed , a delicate swirl twist through the sructure. The free standing stance of the sink further elevates this status .

Bati creates these natural stone sinks with inspiration from the Ying/Yang philosophy .
The combination of stone and water , two opposing materials that when united , encourage balance and harmony . Incorporating this concept into the bathrom space is a perfect way to craete a place of escape and relaxation .

Wave design from Stone Forest , the wave pedestal combines fluid form andsolid stone for a dynamic  graceful bathroom design . Elegant wide basin standon the prespice of a tallstone waterfall , capturing the fluid elements in a solid form . The fabulus graphc wave pedestal reaches  strait out from the wall before dramatically  dropping  of and sweeping to the floor . An open design , thewave pedestal has a light form that defies the weighty stone.

Coda pedestal sink from D'votz is alive with beauty of nature . Bold , contemporary sink wih geometric shapes , they boast a timeless allure . In using the sink , the fine grains of stone can be fully appreacited . Coda pedestal sink is with a deep hole carved all the way through the single piece of stone . This lends the sculptural sink a surprising lightness of form.

Stark Primitive shapes bring the Stone Forest Zero pedestal  a serious  minimalist style . The shallow basin pushes and explores the basin vanashing point , a deep bevel creatin a tapered square bowl . Despite the strict geometric form and the heavy stone construction , the Stone Forest  Zero pedestal achieves a surprising lightness with its open base . The openess also reveals the supporting pipe work , which lends this pedestal a practical and functional essence .

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