Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Hand-blown pandent light

Lightining is one of the most important aspects of decorating and so often overlooked . Hand-blown pendant light is an easy option to update your livingroom ,kitchen or to create  a cozy spot in your bedroom .

Bubble light and orb by Curiousa&Curiousa . This pendant light takes its inspiration from the 70's , the bubble light boldly combines striking emerald and garnet and Orb light plays with purple and garnet red creating a beatifully intense combination of colour .any combination can be used with these lights .
A pure and simple abstraction of a classic lamp form. This design is hand blown by experienced artisans using traditional glass workig methods. Cumberland emits pleasannt ambient light which illuminates the beauty of the handmade design and its surroundings .
The Aurora modern pendant takes its name from the natural phenomenon sometimes seen in the northern and southern skies when charged particles perform a dance of light as they enter earths magetic field . Its handblown glass curves represents the roundnsess of the earth horizon line with an inspiring glow ofwaerm light running through the center .

Tassel light by Curiousa&Curiousa , is a tear drop handblown penndant combined with a handmade and dip dyed jessica light tassel .
Caspian Grande pendant light can easily become the unifying element in a modern space.  Their fairytale see-through curves are complemented by fluorescent plumen lamps creating a dance between the lamps and the.  Lights bulbs shape. These adds a dramatic feel to the room , each pedant light was carefully handblown by Italian artisans that transported their skills and art into high-quality ,functional intrpretation of different design .
Italian company Venini , Michael eden , founded inspiration for the light and vase in Renato Giusseppe Bertellis continuous profile . The designer has reworked the concept by replacing the powerful profile of musolini with one that Represents infinite classic beauty , Audrey Hepburn is a handblown pendant light together with a poignant and historical source of inspiration , enabling the designer to portray age old ideas in a modern and daring form .

Dine light by Curiousa&Curiousa with a nod to Louie poulsen's danish classic . This light is made of three separately blown parts . There is the outer plate , saucer and inner cup . Blown to order with any colour glass combination .
Sparkling light rays of sunlight. On an ice sculpture . Wac lightining's ice pendant is handblown by Itlian artisans , its like frozen movement of melting Ice .
The Encalmo stamen pendant is made in the Italian discipline of fusing two separate entities of glass into one  single piece . This pendant is handblown and can go with any decore.

Morph edison pendant light ,embolden your space with the fusion of rich colour , organic lines and industrial style bulbs with the morph edison pendant , crafted from handblown crystalin Richmond , California, these pendants have an unmatched class and jewel like composition .
Clamp pendant by Lindsey Adelman , lindsey collects old industrial clamps from manufacturers all over the United states and plates them in brass . Lead glassblower Michiko sakano blowsmolten glass into each oneand lets the form naturally slump ,making each fixture trully unique .
Mali pendant lightby Tech lightining, inspiredby classic Moroccan shapes andhandblown by Italian artisans . Granting a graceful , lusturus, outline to either feature like plumen fluorescent bulb or the calassic edison incandescent bulb within  .

Rothschild&Bickers pendant lights comes in full range of signature colours with organiclines and can be embellished with palatte of fabric coveredflex , including neons and herring bone finish. By using an elegant filament bulb they they can transform any space .
Glass pendant. Light by  Curiousa&Curiousa ,is a single glass shade , free blown to order ,with five different shapes and are available in a variety of colours.
The minaret modern light takes its inspiration from the selender towers that adorn  moorish architecture . Handblown glass is gently pulled for a perfect , tear drop bottom on each piece. Contrasting dramatically against the voluptuousness of the body the pendant.   


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