Sunday, 23 March 2014

Kitchen planner

Kitchen planning is merely an exacting game of logic . You are given four walls of predetermined size ,a set of rules which are no more than common sense and a list of items which have to be set in the space between the four walls . There is always the best possible solution ,and it is up to you to find it .

A good kitchen must cater to a family's lifestyle ,their eating habits and entertainment  patterns . To get a clearer picture of your kitchen priorities ,consider the following :
●What is your storage pattern ? Do you store essential items on a weekly/monthly or yearly basis . This will help determine the amount of cupboard space you will need .
●How frequently do you entertain ? Your entertainment pattern . This affects the kind of storage , counter area,size of fridge and the appliances you need .
●What is your bugdet ? Determining your boudget will have a bearing onthe kind of structural work ,materials and kitchen appliances one can adopt .
According to experts the ideal budget while refurbishing your kitchen would be tentatively 10% of the value of your property .
Next step in the planning process is to determine the work triangle of the kitchen . A good triangle is that where one does not have to  retrace steps too often during the normal cooking process and there is a continuity in kitchen activity . The route should not be interrupted by doors . Its vertices indicate the placement of the storage (Refrigerator) , cooking (Hob) and preparation ( sink) ares . The sides of the triangle are extensions of the work surface and determine traffic routes .
There are six basic types of kitchen layouts. Each has its distinct feature and each will function efficiently within the given constrants of size and space. It is these dimentions and your specific needs that will determine the ideal layout for you .
■The storage cabinets for groceries  and the fridge should be situated close to the entrance so that shopping can be put away easily .
■The prepration (sink) area is heavily used area . It should be placed away from all electrical gadgetsand prefrably near window.
■The hob is the area where the actul cooking takes place . Ideally it should be placed between the sink and the fridge .
The minimum distance between the various activity points should not beless than 3 ft and ideally , the whole triangle should add up to a continous routeof no more than 22ft .any lkess andthe kitchen woukd be crampede ,any more would it a tiring place to work in. 
The Straight Line kitchen 

The Gally kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen

The Peninsular kitchen

The Island kitchen

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