Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Outdoor lounge

Create an oasis by bringing your home and your life outdoors , it can be by pool , patio or porch .
Before designing your outdoor space , determine how you plan to use the space ? Do you plan to relax or entertain here ? Is the space going to be for a couple of people or groups ? While outdoor spaces are technically not rooms , the size requirements are similar.  Much like a dining room or a family room , you will need enough space the furniture and to comfortably circulate .
Measure the space in your house to determine if a similar layout will work for your outdoor area . Also be sure that your outdoor space is in scale to the rest of your house . A gigantic outdoor space next to a small home or a very tiny space  next to a large home could easily feel out of proportion and awkward.
●An area around 6'×6' is just right for a bistro table and a couple of chairs .
●If you want a cozy living area with a couple of love seats or oversize chairs an area of about 8'×8' wound be just enough .
●Side yards make great outdoors . Generally any   side yard that is 10'wide or wider has a lot of potential .But keep in mind that side yards are commonly used for walkways , so its important to maintain at least 3'of width for a walkway around the seating area .
●An area of about 10'×10' can be easily converted into a builtin corner seating .
●If you plan to use dining table , an area of 12'×14' is advisable .
Arrange seating as you would in a family room to encourage gathering for good conversation and relaxation .

Use comfortable cushions and pillows covered in outdoor fabric liberally and your outdoor space will become the most popular room in and outside the house .

An outdoor lounge can be used year around when covered and pared with  fire place .

 special though should be given to the lighting system . Lack of good lighting can ruin the outdoor look . Nowadays beautiful furniture come with pre installed mood lights . But if you dnt have the resources for electricity  in the outdoor , then opt for solar lamps .

 An outdoor area should be assembled out of elements that suit your family first as the architecture of the house . Creative thinking can produce some cleverly divised spaces . A family with kids may want to incorporate less seating but plenty of shade .

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