Thursday, 15 May 2014

Brighten up - lanterns

Let the sensual glow of lanterns set the tone of your evening rendezvous. 

A Very elegant Italian wrought iron lantern , this lantern would make a stunning statement in any entry way. 
A victorian brass lantern of tapered form , the painted , stained and lead glass panels decorated wih foliage , butterflies and birds.
Exotic moroccan lanterns , these intricate hand tooled metal lanterns cast patterns on the wall and a warm soft glow .
A large red scrolled lantern from 1920's circa.

Antique 1860's, Columbia . 'Gone with the wind ' parlour oil lantern . 

A guilt lantern with caryatids.

Tall pierced column lantern of nickel featuring an elaborate ottoman or moroccan four sided design , wih hinged top.

A very beautiful Chinese gold lantern 
with loutus leaf detail .

Another gone with the wind oil lantern , with beutiful rose patterns and crystals . 

A pair of 19th century pole lantern in Iron stands .

Antique gold leaf lanters , imagine a few of these lanterns scattered around your pool or deck , they would look stunning .

A very elegant Louis XVI style bronze and crystal lantern .
A pair of French oriental style Cloisonn√© oil lanterns , Barbedienn , Circa 1880. 

 A hall lantern in Neo classical Adam manner in bronze, of hexagonal form.

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