Saturday, 3 May 2014

powder room

A powder room can seem like a challenge since its generally small and can only accommodate a sink vanity , but their is a lot that can be done.
A  rustic powder room , with a crystal chandelier silver mirror frame , intricate wooden carving as background , it all gives the room a very oriental look .
With its gleaming black walls enhanced with silver picture frame Wainscoting , this elegant room is the epitome of glamour.  A vessel sink sites atop a marble slab, Flanked by two large squre towel holders.
This vanity takes a different approach to the rustic look ., by using a stone slab , its textural appeal will have you and your guests twke a pause to admire the natural elements in the powder room .
You can add glamour to your powder room with a stunning chandelier , gold frames , crystal scones ,Metallic wallpaper .
Aunique washstand , geometric wallpaper , intricate mirror and oriental rug topped off by an equestrian sculpture , infusing the space with style. 
This effortlessly glamorous formal powered room is inspired by nature , the combination of organically shaped bronxe vessel sink,  the floating walnut slab counter top and bamboo tiles strikes a balance between traditional and modern look .
To create a truly luxurious powder room you can always take hints from the restroom s in  highended restaurant or club. 
Here the designer has tried to create a vintage powder room , with the use of copper vessels and copper pipeline in such away it gives a new dimension to it .
When choosing a wallpaper for a small powder room don't be afraid of a geometric , bold or large scale pattern , here the wallpaper gives this powder room a very chik and classic look. 
Exotic geometric intricate details and a dramatic wall tiled floor to ceiling in sky blue, makes visiting this powder room a treat.
The vertical stripes can be very slimming and gives the illusion of height . The effective use of stripes in this  narrow powder room , makes it look even taller .
A big print on a canvas will create an immediate wow moment.
The wall size platform photograph , adds depth t the tiny powder room , as does the large custom mirror on the wall , which extends from the base of the sink to the ceiling. 
Another rustic powder room with a beutiful carved  mirror frame , that is hanged with jute rope . The of antique lantern from the Tonga and paintings on the shelves is a mix of chick rustic look.
Create a focal wall , treat the powder room wall like a large blank canvas.  If you fill up most of one wall with multiple artworks in a grid , the collection will have the visual impact of one larger piece .

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