Monday, 26 May 2014

Purely Azure

Azure blue , the calm tranquil colour of sky . Azure is a very versatile colour that in its darkest hues is dramatic and moody . Their is no easier hue to work with than blue , in all its warm and cool tones . 
The colour palette referred here is inspired from the nature hues , like the picture ,with soft shades of blue and white pathes of clouds that adds mood to the scene , and the serenity of the lone road with sand dunes . I find it a perfect palette to go for any living room . So take your pik and try to play around azure blue and add warmth to your living room .
 A blue and white interior is non gender specific , appealing to both women and men. Blue and White are symbolic of purity and neutrality .

Famously calming and peaceful blue can have very different effect on a room depending on its temperature.  Warm blues makes a room look more cozier .

 When used  with universal Colour favourite , blue can evoke a range of feeling in an interior , from senerity to moody drama . This colour fusion works well in any style of decore , from the very traditional to the totally contemporary .

A hint of green in the Robins egg blue adds a warm note to a palette restful blue. 

Shades known as cool blues like cobalt, turquoise tend to recede , which can help a small space look bigger .

Walls painted in dark blues , can be a canvas for a dramatic effect .


  1. Beautiful interior furnishing and interior designing!

    1. Thanks for liking the post , hope the colour palette can help you in making your home beautiful :)

  2. By looking this post I come to know that use of blue color while interior designing makes it more luxurious and spectacular. Thanks for poting.
    Mamta Bajaj
    Interior Designer

    1. Mamta bajaj ,Thanks for liking the post , I try to create to create a post as much detailed as possible . Hope to hear from you again , have a good day :)