Friday, 18 July 2014

A cozy spot for any room.

   Window seats are versatile , they can be used as reading nooks , nap spots or even workspaces !

The space below the window is often wasted both functionally and aesthetically. However, if your room is in need for extra seating, window seats can be a canvas for a dramatic effect. Window seats are generally used for reading completing tasks and looking out the window. They are typically installed into a bay windows or niche of a roof.

Must consider:-
● A window seat can be made 22 inches deep ,but if space allows , 30 - 36 inches is more comfortable ,with at least 36 inches side to side .
● their  are many options for window seating.  However , your window shape will dictate the type of design . You will use .
● when selecting your seat cushions be sure to choose pillows that will not distract from the window. 
● You should also select proper lighting for this space as well.  You don't want to select a fixture that will not be proportionate to the window .
    A window seat doesn't have to be a typical rectangular or square shape . It can have a circular shaped window seat if  the space permits. 
This seating area can be an answer to nature lovers . Who wouldn't want to spend their evenings here !
Like most homes corner spaces can be very tricky , when it comes to design solutions to dealing with the space.  Even if your space is small don't be afraid of taking full advantage of window seat. 

A cozy window seat in library  is must to laze around  with a cup of coffee .
If you want to add interest to an otherwise dead space,  you can install a window seat at the stair 
The wooden planks gives a rugged look to the window seat .
Their are many types of storage options you can use with a window seat design . Having storage compartment is great way to hide iteams if you are on a modest budget,  basket can be used instead of drawer. 

Trundle beds is also a great design feature with window seats especially if your kids love to have sleepovers. 
 Add a little charm to the hallways by installing a cute window seat to gaze out .
  If bedroom doesnot have enough space for a proper seating area , take advantage of the window space and create your own cozy corner.
 You can add a bookshelf below it , although the seat is fitted below the window and has lot of natural light ,it will still filtrate the room.  

 If your room has a bay window take full advantage of the space by adding A wrap around window seat. This will definitely add charm and lots of character to the room. 

When considering design , you have to determine the aesthetic and function of your window seat . Just remember you don't have to use cushions on your window seat . The choice is upto you .
 If traffic flow is an issue window seats are preferable design solution and space saver . They are very compact and do not require lots of space.

Architectural work can also be added to the window seat,  if you need additional storage you can build custom cabinets for storage . It can also serve as additional closet space if you don't have enough room .

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