Monday, 4 August 2014

organic lines and odd shapes

 What comes to mind when you think of organic furniture . For me its the raw and rich feel of wood that is beautifully shaped either naturally or by skiled artisans .
These pieces are stunningly beautiful they are art pieces  itself. Organic furniture is also echo friendly and lasts longer than the synthetic ones.
Enignum two seater by Joseph walsh . Enignum which caries the meaning of mystery and wood . Joseph walsh creates organic pieces of furniture which reflect this idea.  The free flowing organic form which give life to the work and the nature of material , as if the tree is still growing , ,moving , writhing .
Seixo Stools by -  Rotsen furniture . These sculptures are made of reclaimed solid wood -  Ipê wood, but can also be made from Peroba do Campo, Vinhático, or Tamburiuva wood. It is the result of a labor intensive technique that requires the artisan's ability to work with small tools. It's a work that respects and exalts the wood's own beauty.
Imbuia Cross Cut Coffee Table . One-of-a-kind organic coffee table made with part of a naturally fallen Brazilian Imbuia tree. It can be used with or without a glass top, and with or without casters.

Live Edge Walnut Slab Coffee Table - Metal Base Coffee Table top made from a single live edge slab of Walnut and U-shaped legs metal base. Base made of steel in powder coated weathered metal finish. Glass top optional.
Pebble is an organically shaped seating sculpture that is both furniture and art . It is fusion of function and design .
Bae Sehwa’s steamed bentwood furniture ripples in airy and sinewy ways to curve around the human body. The precision in each piece is not accidental. It’s acutely planned. Sehwa digitally renders and manipulates geometric forms then returns to the actual physical form, steaming and bending the wood into a mold under a tight watch. The result is functional, organically smooth, and flawless.

"Eyelong," pictured above, is carved from a single Albizia rosewood tree from the Seychelles Islands, is an example of his elegant work.  Below is another sample of his beautiful detailed work.
Dynamic and somewhat sculptural in form, Selma creates furnishings that display like works of art. Choosing wood as his medium of choice, the designs, filled with contour forms and organic shapes, all work together to create an image that compliments the naked wood grain material instead of abstracting from it’s natural beauty through heavy processing and unnecessary ornamentation. By blending traditional materials with contemporary designs, Selma allows each piece the flexibility to stylish intermingle with an array of unique schemes and styles. 
Organic Teak Chestnut Side Table by Andrianna Shamaris inc. 

Honey comb shelves .The layered, organic-looking shapes of the furniture designed by London’s Unto This Last  are a natural product of the company’s process: cutting sheets of birch plywood that can be assembled into three-dimensional pieces without the use of industrial fittings. Working out of a small shop on the city’s High Street, Unto This Last creates each piece of furniture on demand, offering a vast catalog of furniture designs without keeping any stock on hand.

O Side Table is made from a single piece of reclaimed Jatobá wood. The middle opening was hand carved and sculpted to show the log's internal beauty. It can also be made from reclaimed Tamburiúva wood, Vinhático wood, or Jequitibá wood.

Chapa Console Made with textured reclaimed Peroba wood and weathered metal. This console is designed to show the beauty and character of the wood used. Also available with smooth wood top.

A beautiful coffee tables by Holtz Furniture  . Its made from claro walnut slab with glass bottom .
Triple Burnt Black Coffee Table ANDRIANNA SHAMARIS INC. Solid organic shaped teak coffee table. Burnt, sanded and sealed with a smooth finish. Embodies a chic, modern aesthetic that is unachievable using standard stains or finishes.

Fatia Coffee Table . This coffees table is made of crosscuts of a salvaged log. Metal base in recycled weathered metal.

 pattern of tree In order to -organic furniture. by studio Rope - Hiroyuki Morita 

Ocean Rocker Rocking Chair Ode Chair  by Jolyon Yates - Contemporary Organic Furniture, hand made in Northumberland .

Meteor Table by chista . You can’t get much more organic than this. Chista’s table is made simply taking one commodity, a slice of teak tree, and polishing it. Taking a familiar form in nature and pairing it with an unintuitive color and texture makes this piece a source of childlike awe.


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