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wallpaper has been staging a major comeback in recent years, and the trend shows no signs of slowing. But loving the look of graphic wallpaper in a photo is one thing — actually committing to papering your walls is another. If you’ve been wanting to give bold wallpaper a go in your own home, see if one of these options can help you choose .
   Black crow studio is a custom made company that takes the  idea of  wallpaper  and pushes it into realm of art .For any art lover or who believe in the life of color this is the best wallpaper option to reflect their feeliongs

A German company Surrealien "came up with eye tricking wallpapers design. Surrealien’s wallpapers wrap the pattern over existing objects in your room as windows, switches, pics or doors, so that an optic illusion of a continuous pattern is created. How do they do it? They have actually created a new wrapping wallpaper technology, when you have to provide a plan of your room, so the Surrealien designers can create a pattern custom made for your home. You can even create your own pattern that will be printed as a wallpaper .
Zebra print sisal wall-covering  from jungle collection a Bryan yates  product on non -woven backing .

WDEX1501 A
Exa motif wall effect geometric wall -paper by Wall&Deco designed by Giovni 

Faux peeling plank wallpaper from wallpaper heaven . A very beautiful wallpaper to add a rugged chick look to any room . 

ng .

Circa offers both hand screened and digitally printed wall coverings which  can be custom colored .
MA Residence traditional-powder-room
An architects paper product from stoneplex collection .Most of the product consists of natural stone such as slate powder  .It contains only a few of synthetic components in order to make the material flexible . 

Rocket st george  product Anaglypta wallpaper Derby , a very stunning embossed  wallpaper which can be easy painted to any color to your delight and  looks very preety .
 Vahallan Papers is one of the premier manufacturers of elegant, hand-painted, decorative wall coverings. Their artistic approach to wall covering is reinvigorating the wall covering industry by providing interior designers and their clients a unique wallpaper alternative. The beautiful patterns, combined with their creative piece-by-piece application styles, are creating exquisite room designs that are truly one-of-a-kind ,With a sincere hope to inspire people with their product .
Forest Hill, San Francisco Home traditional-bedroom
 A stylish croc skin take on the classic design from the sidewalks of Rio de Janiero. Adds movement and texture to a room . Flavor league produces unique vintage, contemporary and custom hand-screened wal-lcoverings that will add a burst of flavor to any environment. Located in Brooklyn, NY, our Flavor Lab uses only the highest quality water-based inks and grounds to create premium wall-coverings for retail, home and beyond. Flavor Paper’s distinctive designs and vibrant colors have caught the eye, and palette, of a number of taste aficionados.
Tin wallpaper by Burke decor . Historically, tin ceilings were introduced to North America as an affordable alternative to the exquisite plaster work used in European homes. It was between 1890 and 1930 that thin rolled tin-plates were being mass-produced. Tin ceilings were traditionally painted white to give the appearance of hand- carved or molded plaster. But, today the irregularity and the aging give all the appeal to this American architecture icon.
Cork wall-paper by Candice Olson is one of North America's most recognized and accomplished interior designers. Her Dimensional Surfaces collection consists of simple, sleek, sophisticated designs and soft, pleasing color palettes that provide as elegant backgrounds to any interior and give new meaning to the term 'modern classic'.
London Fields House eclectic-powder-room
Analog nights wallpaper paper print in glimmer design by Aimee wilder. 
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